About Me

The alley way to your well being

Hi I am Chris (Chrishantha Rohan). I have been practicing massage therapy including relaxation and deep tissue after completing my Certificate IV in 2013. It has been over 5 years since I started to work in this industry. During this period I am happy to say that I have gained a lot of experience treating over 3000 clients with many number of returning regular clients of different walks of life.

My most important objective of this career is to see people walking out of my massage room happily after having a great experience and feeling relieved from different ailments troubling their bodies, becoming stressful over daily issues they face and from not taking a time out to do something for them.

Swedish Massage

A massage mainly in the form of relaxation or deep tissue can offer a valuable 'me' time for anyone to renew their muscle tone, reduce the muscle tension, improve the blood circulation, rejuvenate, feel fresh and be relaxed.

Most of us are busy with our routine activities which can become overwhelming during our day to day life. A massage is an excellent way to slow down, relax and renew to perform better and create alertness for the body, mind and soul.

Starting my own massage service is one of the best things I have done in the recent past. I love to serve my clients and like to welcome them to experience a great massage today.

Seated Massage

A step towards your well being

If you become uncomfortable during the treatment at any point of time, please do not hesitate to let me know. The treatment will be suspended and you will be provided with the necessary care.

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